Your hopes for your blog…


I just completed my 30 day blog challenge and I have to say it was energizing to do so. My hopes for my
Blog from here on out are:
* more blog challenges
* more photo challenges
* more inspiration





I like to be in control! There I said it ! That is my confession. I do not like when I can not control mishaps, accidents and poor choices. I hate it so much that I can be annoying at time reminding family members to ” stay smart and safe” at nauseaim.




I am a work in progress in this area ! Bare with me 😳

Most embarassing moment…


I’m sure there are many I have had in my lifetime but a recent one stands out in my head. My husband and I were on our nightly neighborhood walk. We were talking and I was boasting that I was the best driver in the family. At that exact moment my foot hit an uneven part of the pavement and in slow motion I fell, a very animated and vocal fall ! My husband asked , “does anything hurt?”
And with laughter and tears I replied, “everything !” I got up looked around and preceded to laugh with tears all the way home as my husband was left bend over laughing at the scene of the accident. Although I have/had bumps and bruises it was a very comical fall and we both wished it had been caught on video!


Hidden talent …

Only my daughter knows or understands this hidden talent.It is the ability to know or say exactly what someone is thinking or going to say ( namely her lol ). We have a running joke when it happens and quote from the mean girl’s movie.



It’s like I have ESPN or something ! 😜

Your biggest regret …

In a nutshell…



I have reconnected with a couple college friends and a dear friend recently. We may not see each other all the time but just chatting and keeping up with each other’s lives makes me happy. Don’t let the hustle and bustle of life and distance make you lose sight of what’s really important. It’s people not things !

If you won the lottery…


Hmmm if I won the lottery Id be ecstatic. I would not buy an extravagant new car or a fancy house. I would payoff all my bills, quit my job and sell my house. I would then move to a nice quiet one bedroom one bath beach house. I would spent my days enjoying life. I would do the DIY projects I pin on Pinterest and spend my time with family and my furry pets ! && YOLO 😃

Your worst habit…

I do not have the typical bad habits like biting my nails, picking pimples or other things people typically call habits . I definitely am not perfect but I don’t have one habit I continuously do just many different habits that I’m sure would be considered bad. I even asked family members for a habit I have and they could not tell me one.




What makes you sad…

Well I don’t really like to dwell on what makes me sad because I try very hard to realize each day is a blessing and to be grateful for what I have rather than what I have not. I can honestly say I am not sad often, other emotions maybe but definitely not sad.


If I had to pick a few things that definitely make me sad Id have to say : animals in a pet shelter, losing a loved one and children with terminal illnesses. I have had experience with each of these and it’s definitely made me sad .
I try my best not to stay in a sad state. These ideas and picture definitely help combat sadness:



Smile ! Happy girls are pretty girls, so the quote says! ❤️