10 favorite foods…



My top 10 favorite foods tends to be a tricky subject these days. With hypothyroidism and continuously watching my weight, I’m not really sure what is my favorite or what I know I should be eating but here goes :
1 Lobster – has and always with be on top
2 Garlic crabs
3 Sushi


Lobster and crab are more of an occasional treat whereas I could eat sushi weekly.
4 Dark chocolate – yes I consider this one of the food groups šŸ˜
5 Oatmeal
6 Salads – when made by others like Olive Garden
7 Pizza- although I rarely eat it
8 Pita Pit wraps- you’re missing out if you’ve never tried it
9 Shrimp- guess I like my seafood
10 Frozen Yogurt – yay ! Yogurtland

Now off to keep under my 1,200 calorie day!!


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