What makes you happy …

Lots of things make me happy but it the effort to save time I can sum it up.
First of all, my family makes me happy ! No, we are not a perfect family but we are perfectly imperfect and I’ll take that.


Having pets makes me happy ! Whether it be my own dog or babysitting for my grandpup or our newly rescued kitten, having pets around makes my life! The unconditional love and the ”
Oh you’re home lets play” attitude makes even a bad day better.


They say if you love your job you won’t work a day in your life. Well I love the kids part of my job so I guess I’m not working lol. Kids make me happy!


Two frivolous things that make me happy are sweet tea and country music. I guess it’s from my southern upbringing but they sure make me happy !



Like I said those are a FEW of my favorite things but the list could go on and on. Many things make me happy
( beaches, friends, walking , holidays ).
We could be here forever ! Happy, happy ! 😘


Favorite movie…

I have to say it’s hard to pick just one favorite movie. I have always loved a good movie. I enjoy Disney movies, chick flicks and mystery drama. I do not enjoy scary horror movies at all.
With that said I had to go with a collection of movies as my favorite. With Nicholas Sparks as my all time favorite author, it only seems fitting that his books that were made into movies would be among my favorite movies.





Ofcourse the books were much better but the movies did them justice. So grab your popcorn and come and meet me at the movie theatre! 🎥

A photograph of me…

Perfect day for this ( although I didn’t actually get to post it yesterday). This is me on my 53rd birthday ! A day spend on a twilight cruise with my family, it was a perfect day!


My favorite blogs…

I have to say that my two favorite blog (bloggers) belong to two dear people.


The first is my daughter’s blog that she just recently started. Her blog is called Living on Flowers and Hope and it is inspirational and a look into a 24 year old’s mind.  She is a talented writer and I have always enjoyed reading her writing.  The lessons she has learned along the way and her outlook on life are beautifully written in each of her lessons.  She has had a set back writing recently but I know she will be right back on that horse soon.

The second is my dear friend Michelle’s two blogs.  Her blogs are : Castles In the Air- 365 Glimpses of Life and Shine On- Be Bright.  She was my inspiration to start blogging.  Her two blogs are excellent and show the light that shines through when you meet her.  Her recent struggles have made her outlook on life even more positive ( if that’s possible) and made her an even more giving person to help others.

3 healthy habits …


When I was going everything came so easy for me. I’m not saying I’m ancient but as I age I need to put more effort into healthy habits.
My first healthy habit has been to eat better foods. By better foods I mean main food groups, less processed food and definitely less fast food. McDonald’s is a thing of the past except an occasional splurge for a coke and small friends. Only habits die hard ! I have lots of happy memories with ” happy” meals lol


Along with healthy eating is drinking more water. I hate water but I force myself to get the daily requirements. Pure torture but I do it !


I’ve made an effort to get enough sleep each night as well exercise. My husband and I have recently started walking 2 miles at night together . It has turned out to be 30 minutes of uninterrupted quality time as well . We exercise and discuss our day with each other.

I have to add one more because YL essential oils has also become a healthy habit for me as well as my family .


I use my oils instead of medication which has drastically cut down on illness. I feel much better knowing that something I deem “organic ” is being used instead of something man-made . I love diffusing oils ! The pleasant smell alone makes it intriguing but the health benefits adds an extra bonus !

My healthy habits make my life complete ! I’m happy I decided to take control of the things I can take control of !!

What’s inside your fridge…

Well on a good day it’s food. Sometimes it’s pretty bare but on this day thank goodness there’s food. So here’s a sneak peek :


On the top shelf,  you’ll usually find whatever fresh fruit is in season that needs refrigeration. I also keep handy hummus and salsa. Today there’s some jello and pudding! I’ve been trying to keep some low calorie sweets to curb my ever present sweet tooth!
On the next shelf we have our Brita water filter and that’s also usually where my husband keeps his beer supply for the weekends.
We always have an assortment of drinks on the next shelf . Almond milk, milk for the boy’s cereal, juices and ofcourse my sweet tea ! Occasionally we have cokes for that girl!
We currently have been getting Fitfoodfresh delivered to our house for dinner foods . It’s healthy food and meets ” fast” without being fast food !
Our drawers have veggies for salads. We always have some carrots, lettuce and cucumbers. Other drawers have some Boars Head meats and cheeses for lunches.
The door always holds the condiments, eggs and creamer for coffee.
Well there’s the refrigerator. You’d think I’d be super skinny but you didn’t ask to see my cupboards or the stuff my son continues to bring home from Starbucks.

Best childhood book…

Well I know it’s sad to admit but I don’t remember reading books as a child but I am sure I did. As a SLP and a mom I have always loved reading children’s books. I love the classic or what we call classics now.


My favorite current book is :


I love the story of the kissing hand and use it as a starting point each year for students . It’s just a sweet story about a mother’s love. ❤️ What is your favorite childhood or children’s book ?

10 favorite foods…



My top 10 favorite foods tends to be a tricky subject these days. With hypothyroidism and continuously watching my weight, I’m not really sure what is my favorite or what I know I should be eating but here goes :
1 Lobster – has and always with be on top
2 Garlic crabs
3 Sushi


Lobster and crab are more of an occasional treat whereas I could eat sushi weekly.
4 Dark chocolate – yes I consider this one of the food groups 😍
5 Oatmeal
6 Salads – when made by others like Olive Garden
7 Pizza- although I rarely eat it
8 Pita Pit wraps- you’re missing out if you’ve never tried it
9 Shrimp- guess I like my seafood
10 Frozen Yogurt – yay ! Yogurtland

Now off to keep under my 1,200 calorie day!!